A drop of wine in Myanmar

So it turns out the Myanmar hosts a decent vineyard. And when in Rome….


We were staying by Lake Inle, a huge lake home to lots of small fishing and craft villages, all built on stilts above the water. Thousands of wooden houses on stilts, and complete villages – you could only move around by boat. You have to see it to belive it. No cars or motorbikes or roads. It was stunning.

We’d got wind of a lovely wine set-up a few km’s away from the town, apparently with a great restaurant too. So off went on our bicycles – yes, you heard me correct, I am cycling. I love it actually. No child seats here so Zaki sits in the Ergo carrier on Ben’s back. Not ideal but father and son seem happy enough! It’s great to be able to cycle together and hear Zaki should out things like “watch out for that tree mama” or “mingalabar” to local kids as we cycle by. He seems to love it!



We went for the wine sampling offer and we’re pleasantly surprised by the Late Harvest wine – little sweet and quite decent! 5 glasses later….just kidding, they were small taster pours and it was before midday anyway. Too early for proper drinking. That has to wait till at least 2pm.


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