An identity Crisis

buy Lyrica online europe NO….Not me! The blog. I’m not sure what it’s trying to be. Should this be a travel journal recording the details of our trip? A bit of an aide memoire for us and an update to family and friends back home? Or should I be writing travel tips and recommendations? Hotels that we liked – trips that we’ve done so other people can use this blog. Or should it be more of a collection of random thoughts and observations from a wife, a mother, a friend, a (albeit unemployed) lawyer, a w-o-m-a-n on behalf, thoughts on behalf of herself and her travelling family? I’d like think this blog is already sounding more like the latter – random collection of travel thoughts. Also it’s evidence of the trip. It’s a testimony for Zaki that we were young (ish) and crazy once and just quit the norm to take him on a crazy adventure for a year. It’s proof that we Just Did It. I want him to hear my voice and when reading in the future, hopefully understand a bit more of what sort of people we were back then. Little man: if you’re reading this, we’re having the best time with you. This is what sort of boy you are right now: You are persistent, outspoken, kind and caring, bashful with boundless energy. Loving with a little craziness thrown in the mix. You learn so quickly and observe so fast. We love how you just adapt to our constant travel without fuss or friction. It’s a real treat to spend this time with you. That said, if you could go back to having a lunchtime nap, we would be slightly happier parents. Just slightly.

enter site image (1) As for the travelog – I am weeks behind updating. Having real trouble with my tech. Apologies. I dropped my laptop and smashed the screen (those who know me well will appreciate that this was quite a forseeable eventuality given my clumsiness and lack of spacial awareness. I also suspected that I would do something similar and hence did not buy a Macbook for this trip, instead bought an ASUS……which now has a smashed screen. I feel vindicated for not spending the ££ on a Mac but also annoyed that I dropped the stupid computer in the first place). And the wire that I use to transfer photos from phone to laptop has stopped working. So basically was blogging via my phone. But for the past 2 weeks I have been totally unable to upload anything as wifi connections are rubbish / even with a local SIM card I still can’t do it. PHEW – rant over…..

binУЄre optionen strategie indikatoren You last heard from us in Laos. Now we are in Thailand. Having travelled though Vietnam and Cambodia. So I’ll post some musings about Vietnam (amazing food, wonderful people) and Cambodia (amazing sights, harrowing history) Asaph. Watch this space. Peace Out.



  1. forex customer service number I like the general musings / memoir approach to the blog, it’s informative for us and will provide a great read for the little man later on. I think you should get it bound for him, what a great memento to learn about this amazing adventure he’s having. It’s a sunny autumnal morning in Sydney right now, see you in a month x

  2. opzioni binarie epub You write so well and I think it’s sort of organically grown in to what it is which is great. That said you tackled the identity crisis well by addressing it head on – and what a great post that grew from it with such beautiful words for little Z. Love you x

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