Crystal Ball, Rubber Ball A lovely colleague recently talked to me about juggling. Motherhood, having a career, being an amazing woman involves juggling; rubber balls and crystal balls. Every juggler drops a ball or two. The key in life’s juggling act is to drop the rubber balls, not the crystal ones. There are elements of your life that, if let slip, will shatter into a thousand pieces – and you can’t fix crystal. The rubber ones will bounce back. Try not to drop defining moments in your child’s life. As for the rest….

Buy Cialis 25 mg in Columbus Georgia Maybe I’m dropping a rubber ball career wise by not sticking around and jumping up the ladder. Jesus I should might have been incredibly senior in my career by now. But I no longer identify achievement by position, label, job title. I have dropped things before and the ball’s bounced right back Even when I quit my job as a hedge fund lawyer (best decision ever – for those searching for fulfilling work, I highly recommend this book) took 6 months off and then became a freelance lawyer (second best career decision ever made), it opened up so many new doors for me and I have had such a wealth of experience as a result. It was shit scary though. I’m looking forward to stopping juggling for a while. Or maybe I’ll be juggling different balls. Whatevs.

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