Got bags, will travel

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Our son sussed that everything had changed when we got through security at Gatwick. That’s the only way I can explain why heshouted lots when we sat down for a meal in the terminal, refused to eat any dinner and (loudly) stayed awake for the first 2 hours of the night night to Dubai.

Stock options trading courses We didn’t really do long haul, we only flew 6.5 hours to Dubai for the first leg, but he only slept 3 hours overnight. That was tough, but it was an A380 airbus so we delighted in the vastness of space, efficiency and 2000 entertainment options for insomniacs like me. Z was super alert but reasonably relaxed when we hung out in Dubai airport for 2 hours despite it being 4am UK time (sidenote: Dubai airport, WTF – surely one of thebiggest airports out there….it took us 30 mins of walking, monorail thingy, walking to go from one gate to the other!). Anyhooooo – we made it through flight no.2 and arrived into a balmy 31 degree Sri Lankan afternoon and were quickly taken to our first guest house (Palms Villas, Negombo – great for a pre/post airport stop), were offered a chilled beer and were in the pool within 15 mins! Boom.

see url After fuelling up on Sri Lankan curries for dinner (Zaki not yet up for it but we’ll get him there) we slept (with the aid of melatonin – great stuff, available outside of UK) from 8.30pm to 7am with just one scratchy wake up from the little man (eczema).20160116_035729

Finpecia online australia BTW, I am superbly proud of my bag weight – 15kg. This is genuinely the lightest bag I have ever carried, bar the super small case I took to Ibiza in the summer which just had bikinis and shorts. That said, Ben’s bag is 19kg, we have a buggy and we each have a day bag. Our bags are absolutely jammed packed. Its not even clothes, its the medical kit for us and for Z (necessary skin lotions/potions/anti-histamines etc) that are vast and also his ergo carrier (a toddler carrier for those frequent times when he won’t walk), his swimming floation device (bulky but even this morning’s 1 hour swim session has more than validated it’s inclusion – it’s awesome) and lightweight books and puzzles and few cars etc for Z. I am sure we will give things and leave things along the way. I am sure I will also inadvertantly lose stuff. I am the queen of that. UPDATE – day 2. We changed location and are in a new guest house and I have already left my flip flops at guest house from day 1. Ooops.

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