get link Finally this year we got our shit together and started to save. Like PROPERLY save. And cut out non-essentials. And stick to monthly budgets. And shop in ALDI – which I bloody LOVE and shout from the treetops to anyone who knows me. Aldi rocks. Period.

go to link - Impara le strategie di trading per opzioni binarie che ti faranno diventare un vero professionista. We are lucky enough to have a house with space. So rented out our spare room(s) via AirBnB. And got a lodger, well 2 actually. And have had said paying guests in our house for most of 2015. Which has been kinda nice, kinda annoying, but was a means to an end. Cumulative rent from AirBnB and lodgers = paid for our airfares. Thank you wonderful AirBnBers for being great guests, apart from that family from Sweden who were a proper nightmare and the 7 days of sharing was the most painful co-habitation experience I’ve ever had.

source link We remortgaged to release some equity to get cash out for house repairs – and used some of this for travel budgeting. We also got a new mortgage rate which was significantly better than the SVR that we had to be on for 1 year due to my freelancer status, we fixed this for 5 years and our monthly rental payments dropped.

plus 500 binary options We rented out our house. To a fellow family. And their rent payments fortunately cover our mortgage and give us some additional cash each month.

binära optioner hemsida Ben’s employer offered him a sabbatical for the period of our travel and once they knew of our itinerary plans, suggested that he take a secondment to their Sydney office which is perfect as Ben’s bro, Sean lives there. So Ben will be earning for 3 months of our trip. I sold a load of stuff on ebay. And local facebook pages. Just homestuff and kids stuff and clutter. One’s woman’s rubbish is another woman’s treasure innit. And I made quite a bit of cash.  I read this fab book by Marie Kondo about tidying up (yes, I am a tad OCD – read on and you will see more of it surface) and it changed my whole mindset. The house is not immaculately clean by any standards (especially not in the pre-trip packing phase – it currently looks like a bombsite), but Kondo’s process speaks to me (….ha – that sounds so cheesy).

source site KONDO “This book is a cult. A totally reasonable, scary cult that works, doesn’t kill people (a bonus), but does drastically change your life. In this case — for the better.” — Buzzfeed The basic concept of the book is to only surround yourself with things that SPARK JOY. Decide what you want to keep, not necessarily what you want to throw away. You need to love da shit in your crib. If not, you will ignore it, walk past it and not use it. It becomes defunct. I pretty much applied this to every room and sold a load of stuff. For example in the kitchen and sold a ton of recipe books that I bought with the intention of hoping I’d bake, or become a soup wizard, or learn about pastry….erm, that hasn’t happened so I sold them. And sold the juicer (as we have a Nutribullet which I love). And the coffee machine which we received as a gift but I can’t justify the environmental damage of the stupid plastic pods, and anyway……I like making my coffee S-L-O-W-L-Y.