I’m no good at packing

T – 8 days and I am at cut 1 of the obligatory 4 cuts to be made to my clothing, travel paraphernalia and various crap. I have now have an awesome backpack (thanks to generous father and step-mother in law’s Christmas present) which is 55l (this is NOT a lot of space) and some handy packing cubes which are da bomb.

20160106_132322BUT travelling with a toddler requires a tad more organisation and stuff. Nappies. And creams (as he has eczema). And enough books and toys to keep a 2.5 occupied on planes and for a few hours at a time. These are puzzles, stickers (a phenomenal amount – Emirates better be ready for us, we’re stickering up the Dayks seats) and paperback books. AND OF COURSE A TABLET. Who was I kidding that we’d not need electronic entertainment….(just for emergencies mind you. Ahem). Ben is sorted by the way. He’s at 4 tee-shirts and 4 shorts and a few other bits. I am no where close to that number…..

So there is still a LOT to do. Our spare bedroom has been converted into travel HQ. Our first aid kit is indicative of a neurotic mother with mosquito issues (lots of repellant, in various forms). I am talking myself into not needing more than 3 pairs of shoes….currently on 4. Toms or trainers? Sandals or flip flops? OR just all 4???? Anyway, it beats dealing with the non-stop rain and prospect of January in the UK.


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  1. Just to motivate you, I’m thinking of implementing a you-pack-it-you-carry-it policy. x

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