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strictly come dancing pasha dating We’re in Bangkok now. I LOVE it. More BKK musings to come including meeting up with more friends from home, hitting the shopping malls (and not buying clothes – we have no space and there is no need for them, check me!) and food, glorious food. We’re here for another day or so and the internet connection is great. It goes downhill for the next few weeks though as we’re going to Myanmar and Loas so less likely chance of posting.

gistar srl trading Back a few days and spent the last of our time in Sri Lanka on the West coast in a place called Kalpathiya where we took a boat out to watch dolphins one morning. Didn’t even attempt to photograph them….but they were magnificent.

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watch It was a lovely 3 days by the sea, the resort had a great pool, made lovely mohitos AND had a pizza oven and on one night the kids all made their own pizzas for dinner which Z loved, but I had 3 instances of Sameera vs insect and insects won all 3 times. Got stung by the biggest black furry mutha f*cking hornet thing I have ever seen, had a roach crawl over my foot in the shower (eeeeekkkkkkkkkkk….makes me squirm just writing it) and then had a centipede crawl over my arm briefly before I flung it away….it was quite “jungle” despite being a beach resort. Given that I am an urban girl and I don’t “do” creepy crawlies I am impressed with my encounters. These are preparing me for the rest of Asia. Its good training. Can’t get any worse can it?? Anyhooo, back to the post title….It’s been over 3 weeks since we left the UK. And further, nearly 4 weeks since Zaki was last at nursery with all his friends. We’ve realised that our kid makes friends pretty easily (and thank our lucky stars that he is such a jovial chap) but we also give him the chance to hang out with other kids whilst travelling, as he needs children, just as much as we need adult company (other adult company, not just eachother – we’d go crazy, which is why hanging out with sub groups 1 and 2 were a treat). We realise that we need to facilitate that – as in, we need to take Zaki to places where there will be kids, or just give him time and space to mingle and find his flow when there are other children about.

go He’s been doing a great job so far – so just want to do a lil shout out to the little people who’ve kept him company and made Zakir’s first few weeks of travelling so enjoyable….. You’ve made our little man happy. happy kid = happy parents. 20160120_130804 - Copy 20160129_160948 20160205_120151

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