Not getting things done

History (a.k.a online voyeurism of other people’s travels) has shown that that are a million things to do before you leave the country to global back-pack with your 2.5 year old. We have The List. It’s long. It’s a love hate relationship.

There are definitely calls to be made. Insurances to obtain. Household items to pack up and put into storage. Storage company to be found.

A hell of a lot of research to be done all round. And paid jobs to leave (ahhh shit – are we crazy? what are we doing??).

 And the trip itself – we should probably, definitely properly book up our accommodation for Sri Lanka given that it’s super-peak season and we have a kid. So we just can’t wing it.

Especially if it’s mid-December and travel is set for mid-January.

What you should absolutely not be doing is spending AGES looking on YouTube make-up tutorials because you saw a blush that would ticks all your boxes for travel make-up and now you’re thinking that you could do with a make-up update, from a travel/back-packing perspective that is …..arghhh – where did the last 60 minutes go?!

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