My random Sri Lankan observations…..

Those who know me well will understand my joy to learn that there are 20 different types of banana here. Sweet, sweet-ish, not so sweet, lime-ish, ones for curries etc etc….(not official categories but you get the jist). The bananas are small. This has thrown Z a bit as he really wants to eat big bananas. He’s unconvinced by these small ones. I on the other hand am in banana heaven.

Fruit is awesome. Not only in its pure form but also in its juice form which rocks. Banana and pineapple is my current fave. Fresh juice is a great way to start the day (and now I sound like an infomercial). Zaki varies between pineapple and watermelon as his faves. 20160120_093724_-_Copy[1]

There seems to be some form of road safety awareness here, which is good, as all the motocyclists and scooter drivers wear helmets, as do their passengers…..unless they are children.
I see no kids on motorbikes with helmets on, and this like many Asian countries is a place where the whole family travels by motorbike. Ma, Pa and the two kids. So I don’t really get that. I suspect that child helmets are hard to rarely available. But that doesn’t excuse the nonsense in protecting the driver but not the child!

The umbrella is as useful in the heat as it is in the rain.

There are 900,000 tuk-tuks in Sri Lanka. Most car drivers think this is 800,000 too many. Tuk-tuk drivers are mental – they wizz in and out of traffic as if they have some sort of death wish. That said, they are fun to ride in, very convenient and Zaki loves them. So we ride. Z especially loves the fact that they come on a multitude of colours. The only way we could get him to sleep last night was to promise him a ride in one today “I don’t like the red on..e mama, I want to go in the black one” “ok we will go in the black one tomorrow”, “tomorrow yes mama, we go in the black one tomorrow”….

At least three major world religions exist in harmony on this little island. Predominantly a Buddhist population (approx 75%), there are also Hindu’s and Christians living side by side here. And all religious holidays are celebrated which I think is quite fair.

It is clean here. Not super clean but significantly cleaner than India and Pakistan. Not as much rubbish littering up the streets and there aren’t any foul smells either. This is a great thing.

The food is fantastic. Coconut, curry leaves, great veggies, fresh seafood. All in all YUM.

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