las opciones binarias son un juego de azar We haven’t even started yet. We are just packing. It’s not even the clothes. I can buy him clothes. It’s the other STUFF. The sticker books, colouring pencils, medication (he has eczema), creams, simple toys, electronic equipment (we don’t have an ipad but I had resigned myself to the fact that downloaded episodes of kids shit will be useful – he’s not into proper Cbeebies programming thank god as he hardly watches TV at home. None of us do. Apart from Netflix. Which doesn’t count). It’s the buggy, booster seat thingy, the nappies as we’ve not yet done toilet training (yes I will only take a packet or two and the rest will be bought en route), the travel potty thingy if we do start training soon, the super SPF swimsuit for him. It’s endless….and all has to fit in a 55L and 65L bag. With all our stuff. OH JOY.

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binäre optionen gewerbeanmeldung I will update this page as the journey commences. Let’s just say that the realities of toddler travel will not be rose tinted. Planes, trains and automobiles with a 2.5 year old, albeit a wonderful boy, will be HARDCORE…..

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