Things we’ve learned from our son * The names of the trains in Thomas the Tank Engine (Ben is more proficient than I am). I know the grumpy one and Thomas. And the diesel one.

site de rencontre belge cupidon * That he is super observant and spots planes in the sky, small boats on the river, tractors and motorbikes and a million other vehicles way way before we do. He’s picking up technical vocabulary soooo fast as we’re constantly on the move via mew vehicles and he’s so curious as to how everything works.

go * He loves live music. Whenever there’s music playing on the street, or people with instruments, he wants to stop and watch. He’s captivated by it. We didn’t know about this….We’ve just learned it in the past 6 week by being with him.

obbligazioni binarie * He’s confident and daring – we knew much of this but he’s happy to follow someone new (sometimes a stranger) on the promise of an adventure….We need to be weary and careful of this!

source url * He sings. He sings a LOT. Sometimes it’s too loud and sometimes it’s annoying but mostly it’s just wonderful.

here * He’s making up a new language. It’s like this “hello booda. What do you need moona?” Sometimes whole sentences are spoken in his language. Given that he’s in a new country every few weeks we can understand that he’s made up his own language! It’s cool.

go to link * We made the right decision to travel. We are learning so much from him. That alone is priceless.

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